Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trustee Duncan, What Else Can Happen?

Can we all agree the cruise ship Trustee Duncan has hit an iceberg? Can we all agree the boat has been taking on water? When can we agree that the life boats need to be launched and the women and children begin boarding the life boats? Will the Captain stay on till all others have disembarked? Check the latest story from WATE TV 6 for the gift that keeps on giving, here.


Keeping Them Honest said...

It is clear that Duncan III broke the law....isn't this grounds for outster? When oh when is Duncan III going to order pay back of the "Bogus bonuses"???? Did his in house lawyer Chad Tindell not read State law....or was he too anxious to get "his" bonus money. Sherry Witt said the "Certified Public Officials" program was a good one...that is true. But the point is the Trustee's employees and the Trustee himself did not go to the classes but took the money anyway...and now they are hesitant to pay it back. JOHN DUNCAN III PAY BACK THE MONEY and then RESIGN before you embarrass your dad again!

Anonymous said...

wow - you and RRRRR Larry Smith on the same side of an issue? amazing.

Anonymous said...

I gladly, and trustingly, voted for Duncan as Trustee. Now he needs to take a deep breath, call a press conference, say he'll get to the bottom of this and accept whatever responsibility is his.

It's pretty much that simple. But trying to silence the critics is not good and will backfire.

Brian Hornback said...

Anonymous, It ain't about R Larry & I being on the same side.

I don't take a side on this issuen I comment and give a taste and feel for news that you don't get from MSM, because the MSM don't have time.

Courthouse Crud said...

JD3's only real problem is he never really wanted to be County Trustee, he justed needed a big salary and time to go sow his political oats, while waitin' on daddy to let go of the Congressional seat so Jimmy Haslam could appoint him to the spot held by John Duncan Sr. and John Duncan Jr. This is a proven recipe for failure in Knox County government as was so eloquently demonstrated by Mike Ragsdale.

Having diddy come in and tell people to leave son alone usually riles competitive spirits and diddy has done nothing for Knox County and his time and tenure in office has yielded nothing for the effort.

Political situations like this usually end rather ugly and it's going to end ugly, it's just a question of how much ugly diddy wants to endure and get all over him before he waves the white flag.

Hate it for them, but County Trustee is no more a platform to launch and elavate a political career than County Mayor and Ragsdale showed you that doesn't work. At least Ragsdale read to kids, JD3 was too busy looking good, traveling the state, living large to read to kids.