Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Shocker from the Hardin Valley Academy Audit

Before I throw this audit away. On page 14 under "Other Matters of Interest" item 2 is "Pending Litigation" reads

"During the course of the project, PBA contracted the security installation through an existing contract that the Knox County Schools had issued to a local vendor. PBA was instructed to use this company in order to make sure that the equipment and software were consistent with the rest of the schools. PBA complied with that direction and issued a purchase order for the installation of the various components of the comprehensive system, which includes cameras, access control and intrusion protection."

The report continues "The security system was installed, and upon inspection by PBA, it was determined that there were deficiencies in the installation. After repeated attempts by PBA and Knox County Schools to have the problems corrected, PBA contracted with a third party expert to have the system audited for compliance with the contract requirements. The audit resulted in a finding of numerous problems and variances from the contract. After consultation with Knox County and Knox County Schools, it was decided to pursue legal remedies to resolve the problems."

Government Auditor Richard Walls added at the Audit Committee meeting that Hardin Valley Academy and Powell Middle are both schools with security deficiencies. I then asked are they still deficient? On March 13, 2012 the answer was YES!

I held off on posting this in hopes that the deficiencies have been corrected. However, it is the government we are talking about here.

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