Sunday, April 08, 2012

Knox County Legislative Bodies Battle Ahead

If you read today's News Sentinel story about the Knox County budget and in particular the Knox County School Boards Request.

The staffing and salaries of the Schools Central Office are in the eye of the storm. The interesting point in today's battle between the funding body (Knox County Commission) and the receiving body (Schools) is the desire to say little to nothing.

The School Board members are saying show me specific positions that are wasteful, should be eliminated and how the Schools should have that role performed in the future.

Mayor Tim Burchett and Knox County Commission are saying show us how you will spend it and what the expected results will do.

So, again in Knox County our leaders are at an impasse.The Commission can not get the specifics. The School Board won't entertain any discussion unless they are directed to specific examples.

On this issue, I must side with Commission. The burden of proof is on the shoulders of the elected School Board Members. If they want this kind of infusion of cash, they must make the case, they must demonstrate where the dollars will go and what the achieved results will be. It is common sense business approach. Let's face reality, schools are business.

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