Sunday, April 29, 2012

What's a Government Auditor Think of $608?

I was cleaning off my desk and ran across that March 13, 2012 Audit Report by Richard Walls on the Hardin Valley Academy Construction.

I must have missed where he wrote on #6 Findings and Recommendations under Markups. "During our audit, we noted that fifty-seven reimbursable expense items of the architectural firm totaling $6,083 were marked up 10%, resulting in an overpayment of $608."

So, what was Mr. Walls recommendation? "We do not recommend recovery of this item due to it's insignificance."

Do What!? $608 is insignificant? So, if my tax bill to Knox County is $1,216 then I can pay $608 because it is insignificant. What if the Knox County Commission decides that Mr. Walls monthly salary will be cut $608 because that amount is insignificant?

This guy is the eyes of Knox County's checks and balances. Unbelievable! Why did it take me till now to see that? Who knows. As Donila would post, Anyhoo.

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Anonymous said...

Donila was shut down I believe because he was too stridently anti-Knox County schools central office.

McIntyre and his supporters are leading an all-out attack on those who support conservative fiscal principles, especially the one that will not accept a tax increase without accountability of how tax dollars are spent now and have been spent in the past.