Sunday, April 29, 2012

I thought the Beanster Was Having A Flashback

When you see tomorrow's Shopper and you look upon the column authored by the Beanster. You may think that she is having a flashback. You see the two headlines are "Here's To Tyler" and then "A 55 year love affair Cooper's happy, active in retirement". 

Everyone knows that former County Commissioner Leo Cooper and his wife have recently celebrated their 55th Anniversary. So, when you glance back up, you are believing that she is writing about Tyler Harber. The young political operative that she despised when he was here organizing the winning campaigns that knocked out her cronies and friends. However, when he made it to Washington, DC as a political operative, Beanster took a junket to DC to get him to give her some details that she could author three weeks of bird cage material. 

But upon actually getting beyond the headlines, you discover that the Beanster actually wrote a pretty good story on Tyler Summitt, the son of our Beloved Lady Vols Basketball Coach Emeritus Pat Summitt. The second story is a good story on Leo and Joanne Cooper. 

Every time that I think about the Beanster and Leo Cooper, I am reminded of her being at a fundraiser at the intersection of Jacksboro and Tazewell Pike for one of Leo's political fundraiser and how she stood at the window from inside the fundraiser mesmerized at the bread truck with the Scott Moore campaign signs attached to it. It tore the Beanster up!

So, this week the Beanster did a good job for the Shopper and you can read it right here

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