Sunday, April 01, 2012

Does the Trustees Office Use Threats or is That Just Chadwick's MO?

Last Saturday this article appeared in the Knoxville News Sentinel. A friend of mine this past week if I had read the comments. Especially the comments by the Delinquent Tax Attorney Chadwick B. Tindell.

As you read his response to questions posted as comments. First, he attacks "anonymous" commenters and criticizes the News Sentinel for not imposing the rules of the Tennessean. The Tennessean is the newspaper in Nashville. The Tennessean is owned by the largest competitor to E.W. Scripps (the parent company) of the News Sentinel. How quickly Chadwick forgets about his own hypocrisy. Immediately after I became KnoxGOP Chairman, Chadwick was sending emails to every media person in town that would respond back to him, always beginning his email with "you didn't hear this from me". Here is the News Sentinel link detailing his 33 pages of emails that were nothing more than his own childish rants He attempted to squash this story by complaining to Jack McElroy and Publisher Bruce Hartmann.

Additionally, Chadwick tells individuals with questions that he will only answer their questions if they come to office and meet with him face to face. They must first call, what is this a threat that he will have someone there to break their legs? It certainly can be perceived to be a threat. How about the fact that parking is not accessible to the taxpayers to visit with Chadwick at "the deathstar" aka the City County Building? How about if someone is handicapped and can not get to the deathstar. Better yet, most people have jobs that keep them busy during Chadwick's 8:00-4:30 and can not take off work. I hope that Mike Donila "da career killer" will look at the comments for the questions that were being asked of Chadwick and maybe he can write a story at least on his blog Scream From The Porch detailing the answers.

The real question remains, is this just Chadwick's MO or is this the direction of the Trustee's office?


Keeping Them Honest said...

Chad reads every comment on every political story in the KNS....he lives in fear that someone will make a comment about him. Notice how he never defends JD III in his come- back comments...he is ONLY concerned for himself...and perhaps he should be since he has the MOST to loose in the JD III scandal..being DISBARRED.

McMinn Slim said...

C. Barry Tindell took a big gamble going to work for Duncan III, however, he did not realize he was not working for the Duncans, he was not working with the Duncans, he was tasked with working as a collection attorney for the Knox County Trustee's Office, nothing more, nothing less, no black limos, no police escorts, no fancy fundraisers, no speed dial to Jimmy Duncan's Washington chief of staff, no rides on Ruby Tuesday's jets back and forth to Washington, no conference calls with John Boehner or the Republican National Committee, just a filing cabinet full of deadbeats, culls, and flints who don't pay their Knox County property taxes.

In my opinion, all of this hoooey about running back and forth to Nashville, to Jimmy Nafieh's coon supper, galavanting across the state dragging Duncan III to things his father would have never attended nor would he have ever drug yahoo III to those events anyway, is all in lieu of the absence of those items mentioned above, to create political credibility, motion, and substance where none existed and now none ever will. Duncan III will never go to Washington as an elected Congressman from the Second District, there are plenty more qualified, competent, and honest people around, even a few from Blount and Loudon County who could serve and serve the Second District well. I've seen C. Barry Tindell quoted in the courthouse yacking about people's automatic pull of the lever for somebody named John Duncan, but, people are on to Duncan III's foolishness in an inconsequential position in Knox County government, however, nobody is really sure that C. Barry Tindell has figured out what a goober Duncan III really is and what a hugh mistake in judgment was demonstrated in "going to work for the Duncans" when in reality he is tasked with seperating deadbeats from their property where they've not paid their taxes, nothing more, nothing less. It's a fairly mundane and limited role in life, particularly when you don't get to knob around with the rest of the big elks and you have to spend all your time, energy, and effort trying to whip up this fascade of political necessity when none really was needed. Ragsdale played that card time and time again, all to his own demise, and he took himself way too serious for the menial task he had been given and when all else was tanking, then and only then did he start reading to children.

The thing about coming to the office to chat about the operations of the office are probably on orders from the attorney. Conversations might and should be recorded, per the instructions from somebody else's attorney. The office should be monitored in some Nixonian type fashion. The trustee's office is still under investigation by the TBI and a special prosecutor and when they start scheduling themselves as guest readers at elementary schools, we'll know that they have realized the end is near.

Anonymous said...

The operation of the Knox County Trustee's Office is a prime example of why the charter review commission should make these positions such as Trustee appointed positions, appointed by the county commission to serve at the pleasure of commission for 4 year terms which do not track the terms of the bulk of the county commissioners.

TBI investigations for the past 6 years, Duncan throwing taxpayer dollars around, Las Vegas junkets, little to no oversight, Congressman Dad jumping in to "leave my son alone", all the more reason to bring better accountability and oversight to fee offices which need to be run without controversy and other unnecessary distractions.