Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sometimes What You Dislike Is What You Become

After seeing last weeks Knox Focus, I was reminded that when Publisher Steve Hunley created the Focus he was motivated to be the opposite of Sandra Clark of the Halls Shopper. Clark has become an entity of the mega conglomerate E.W. Scripps Company. Clark is still the Publisher of the Halls Shopper. 

When Hunley created the Focus he voiced frustration with Clark's constant promotion of her friend and former newspaper business partner County Commissioner Mary Lou Horner. Hunley continually voiced his intent to be "the positive news" and said that "if they say potato we will say potato. If they say tomato, we will say tomato". 

Last week several weeks post March 6 election he featured School Board Member Mike McMillan. It seems that what Hunley first disliked in the Shopper News his publication has since become. 


Anonymous said...

It just proves you can't believe a thing Hunley says. Hunley just needed a way to pollute Knoxville with HIS opinions on everything because the Shopper News wouldn't print things he thought they should - so he started his own free paper.
Maybe it will fall by the wayside as his wife's decorating shop did. The sooner, the better.

Keeping Them Honest said...

What Hunley fails to realize is that the new Carter School has had a groundbreaking but the construction funds from the County are not identified yet. Maybe that was suppose to be Burton Webbs job!So if the County (not the School System Budget...Burchett is building this school outside the school capital plan) has trouble finding these funds or struggles to come up with furniture and equipment to open the school,how much help will MCMillan (and Hunley) get from the School System. The 8-1 vote may come back to haunt the person who cast the 1.