Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Good Soldiers are Dunn and Campfield! I will refrain from commiting for a while

The news of Sen. Rick Santorum's departure from the race to be POTUS is disappointing. However, Bella's health is more important. While die hard Santorum supporter State Representative Bill Dunn is a loyal Republican and has said publicly he will support Romney. While Santorum convert State Senator Stacey Campfield himself is still a loyal soldier in voicing support for Romney. I will NOT be as quick. Here is the article with Dunn and Campfield's comments.

It took me an original Herman Cain supporter to come to Santorum but did so within a couple weeks ater Cain's departure. I will not be as quick as my friends Dunn and Campfield. I would encourage Romney to select Santorum as his running mate just as Reagan did when he selected George Herbert Walker Bush as his running mate.

So, I will sit over here and watch from the sidelines for a period of time.

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