Friday, April 06, 2012

School System Central Office Information Discussed on Ed&Bob on WNOX

This morning, frequent radio talk show caller "Mike" called into the "Ed&Bob Show" on WNOX FM 100.3 and shared some analysis that he discovered by information linked at Mike Donila 'da career killa" blog Screams From The Porch, here

It has been stated in the past that Central Office cost were between $5 and $5.5 million dollars a year. "Mike" stated that he discovered the Central Office Salaries were $21,595,071.45* that the total number of Central Office Employees are 209 so the Average salary of Central Office Employees is $103,325.70*. "Mike" called back in an hour later and said that in his calculations there was a decimal error and that the average Central Office Salary cost is $16,200,000 bringing the average salary of Central Office employees to $77,493. He stated that "another set of eyes needs to be on this." Mike added that transparency by the school board is most desirable.

School Board Member Karen Carson has said on record concerning the Central Office staffing and financial. "One comment I hear frequently when discussing budget proposals for Knox County Schools is that central office is overstaffed. I am asking that people please give me specific positions that they believe shouldn't be in central office or other data that leads to the conclusion that it is overstaffed. I will look into any information that is given to me that would allow for further cuts in central office. Data that I have available now, leads me to the conclusion that staffing levels are appropriate in that office. I have reviewed the MJLM report, which is now 10 years old, and supports that staffing is appropriate or slightly understaffed. Also, I would refer you to the report from the National Center for Educational Statistics. NCES instruction expenditures top 100 table_07 This review of the 100 largest school districts in the US indicates that Knox County Schools ranks 7th in the % of dollars used to support instruction and ranks 96th in the % of FTE's in administration." On Thursday, "Mike" called into the Ed&Bob Show and said that only 69 cents of every dollar is making into the classroom. If the information that Mike has shared is accurate, no business would survive by a Board of Directors that had the businesses best interest at it's core.  


Mike Donila said...

Nice blog entry. For the record, I did not hear the radio show (wish I did) and I am not the "Mike" who called in. Also, the salaries add up to $12.9 million although with benefits that could be $16.2 million. I don't have those numbers. Good blog post, tho.

Anonymous said...

You can see the 69 cents on the dollar here:

That is not efficient. That means 31 cents on the dollar isn't getting to the classroom. A sure sign of a bloated Central Office.

Anonymous said...

Donila is SUCH a bulldog.