Monday, April 09, 2012

Why Bring That Up? You are slamming Mayor Rogero & Mayor Burchett

The "Support Our Schools" aka the staff of the "Great Schools Partnership" or at least GSP staffer Virginia came an email today begging for Urgent Contact of the County Commissioners.

The last FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) they defend Superintendent Dr.James McIntyre's salary. Why even bring it up? Because in their response to the question, they are slamming Mayor Rogero & Mayor Burchett as uneducated and illiterate.

They shouldn't have even brought it up, in my opinion.


Deathstar Vader said...

Why on earth is KUB giving money--from our light bills--to the Great Schools Partnership? Same goes for Y-12--why are governments and public utilities subsidizing the GSP? GSP gets money from Knox County Schools. They also get federal government money through the Department of Energy's Y-12 facility in Oak Ridge. AND they also get money from Republican State Executive Committeeman Ted Hatfield's employer, Regal Entertainment--Regal continues to enjoy a huge City of Knoxville subsidy for the downtown movie theater.

Anonymous said...

She is right that we DO need to contact our commissioners and mayor. The puppet master (Dr. M) is asking for more $$ to continue our downhill slope in education. I'm no doctor, but I know if something isn't working we shouldn't continue to throw more money at it with hopes of getting it fixed. We need to look at our failing schools and seems that reorganization is what we need!!

Anonymous said...

Vice President's Salary is currently (for 2011) $230700
Current Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court. ... Current salary for the Chief Justice is $223500 per year, while the Associate Justices each make $213900

Anonymous said...

Average ACT scores have gone down a full point since Big Mac came to town, Spending on the school system has tripled in the past 25 years and the number of students has only grown a net 1500. We spend $10K per student in places like Austin East and $4K in Farragut - compare the test scores.