Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is the "real" story on the mulch fire?

A reliable source has informed me that over the past 10 years that over 155 calls have been made to the authorities concerning fires at the mulch operation that has been in fully engulfed since Sunday. That is an average of at least one call a month.

With all the attention by the Big Metal Sheed on the Hill concerning Knox County's Solway facility, why have they never focused on an enviromental mess just under their nose?


Anonymous said...

Brian, KNS has reported the number of fire calls to the Shamrock facility over the past 5 years in their mulch fire coverage.

Deathstar Vader said...

When was the last time the City's contract with Shamrock was put out to bid? Was it during Bill Clinton's first or second term?

Brian Hornback said...

Anonymous, the Sentinel and WBIR did not report the 911 calls until after Shock And Awe did