Thursday, July 24, 2008

Are McElroy/Hartmann and E.W. Scripps Hypocrites?

Do you remember the News-Sentinel's argument in it's "sunshine lawsuit"? They said that the actions of our county government must be open and transparent and that the actions of our elected officials must be open and transparent.

Before the February 5, 2008 primary election, the News-Sentinel posted the recordings from their editorial board's candidate interviews on its website. But, what about now? No, they are not posting the interviews on their website.

So, what are the candidates having to commit to the E.W. Scripps editorial board in order to receive the papers endorsement? Are the candidates having to agree not to pursue the details of the News-Sentinel's sweetheart corporate welfare handout called a PILOT (Payment in lieu of taxes). The News-Sentinel contributed $7,500 to the charter amendment group. So, are the candidates having to commit to support the charter amendments when elected? There are many more likely scenarios. Brian's Blog is not into conspiracy theories. However, questions have to be asked as to why the Sentinel has proclaimed that it is neccesary to be open and transparent for everything and everybody except itself.


Anonymous said...

It ain't a conspiracy...the not worth one **Cent-at-all** sucks!
First off, take today's BS ENDORSEMENT!
Yeah, Irvine for Judge! UM thank you guys at the metal shed on the hill for all your dilligent hard work however, I am sticking with McGee...why cause he is the better candidate and I ALREADY VOTED!!!

What reputable paper puts out endorsements AFTER THE FREAKING VOTING STARTED?
Brian I am new to K town however back where I am from our Editors um tell us who to vote for before the election starts.

***as for the other backing****

I respect it.

Foster did the smart thing and as the personal drama unfolded on Amy, he respectfully concentrated on the job and not the drama.

That being said, Amy did have a trial by fire. She had to climb up a tall mountain of issues that have nothing to do with the job. She has shown she can stand up during the best and worst of times.

***This paper is a joke and their reccomendations are beyond worthless especially since they are printing who to vote for after I already voted.
Dan Andrews

Anonymous said...

Curious how KCP left off the $7,500 in-kind contribution from the Sentinel on their PAC form filed with the Election Commission.

That is a no-no.

Brian Hornback said...

hmmmm. great question, we will look into it.