Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ballard is Robo Calling

I had a friend tell me that they got a robo call from Commissioner Dr. Richard Briggs asking them to vote for Phillip Ballard. Another friend got a robo call from Ballard's wife. Why can Phillip not do anything for himself? Also, if you watch Gene Patterson's Tennessee This Week, why is Ballard wearing makeup? 

This post about the Don Dare story (where Ballard declared it a clerical error) and this post about the clerical error on Ballard's Friday mailer. The consistent thing about Ballard, he is an illiterate error. 


Anonymous said...

Phil has his cronies doing his dirty work, have you heard Phil speak, he uses people for what he wants then throws them under the bus. Go home Phil, we do not trust you. You disgrace us, you and your sidekick Vickie. Does Cindy know all of your affairs, and unwarranted sexual advances.

Anonymous said...

Make-up? hope his make-up artist was able to hide EVERYTHING- including his evergrowing pinochio nose....

Anonymous said...

Sample ROBO Call:

Yes sir this is yor assessor Phil Ballard, I gotta have this job. My daughter is praignant and is in jail fer stealin. I spent way too much money fer a new puter system, it dont werk sa good, matter of fact it dont werk at all. I got all these signs up hopin that youns will vote fer me. I aint got no nowlege of property assessin, but I shore do like chasin women. I gots ta have this job ta keep up the payments on my Cadillac. I know I promised to not take a car fer county use, but I jist had to have one, that gas bill aint cheap. Ben thankin about what i did over the past four years and it aint alot. Spendin yor tax dollars on whoever I want to hire, mostly politicians family, I like knowing the my office is like a GOP convention. Poor ol ruthys daughter needs a job. I used that slogan ballard on the ballot, last time, and I am now usin promises made promises kept, heck both them messages dont mean a hill of beans, but they shore do look good. I gots ta have this job, I need to git the yellar off my teeth, and i looked purty good on camera with my ruby red lips. Yes sir vote fer me Im runin fer county commishoner, oh heck property assesser, I am Black Wednesday Phil Ballard and I needs a job.

Anonymous said...

Had to laugh outloud when I read the comment on WATE, old has been Betty Lane had to write that one. The rest of Phils cronies aren't that smart, well neither is ole Betty. I remember when she didn't have a job and begged the Godfather to get her a job, its quick how we forget where we come from. We have tow of the Black Wednesday culrits workign right in the property assessors office, Phil himself and Craig, talk about calling the kettle black, geesh, how stupid can you be. We all know what Phils plan for the future is.

A. If Phil gets elected the older employees will be out of a job.

B. Jim Weaver is not as valuable as he thinks he is, watch out you will be out withthe old and in with the new, Promises made Promises Kept, your job will get the axe.

C. Phil will attempt to groom his do nothing side kick, Craig to become a Property Assessor, he has promised this job as Chief Deputy in exchange for votes from West Knoxville. Craig will run in 2016 if Phil should pull this prank off. He will in turn become the chief deputy under the Craig administration.

D. I am sure Ole Tire man himself will become an employee of the PA's office, as social security does not support his debts.

E. Paula, Do you honestly think Phil will keep you in the posh job you have now. Phil would sell his self to the devil to get re-elected. Wake up girl, your father was a great man, but loyaly means nothing to this man.

F. Ruthy, Do you think your daughter's job is safe here, think again, after the electionis over watch and see how quick she gets the boot.

G. Betty, old girl, your days are numbered I am sure. Do you expect us to believe you know the property assessors office, have you ever appraised a single piece of property, heck used cars do not count. Thats not a job that mimics assessing property. How is that take home car doing for you, my tax dollars are paying the gas bill.

Could go on and on about this office, but whats the use, on election day lets tally the votes.

Mr. Black Wednesday himself
John Whitehead

My money is on John

Anonymous said...

Brian, I was at Down Town West and went in to vote, It was 2:30 in the afternoon. After some small talk with Mr. Whithead, I notice a woman shouting out at people to vote for Ballard. After asking who she was, I found out she worked in the property assessor office for Phil. If you don't beleive me call John , he new her name. My guess she got the day off with pay. I did call a member of the new ethics board, they said thet would look into it. I also plan to call someone with the Election Comm. Follow up on this Brian as you have better contacts than I do.

Anonymous said...

You can bet your rear end the entire staff will be at the poles working on election day. Every location will have county paid employees at our expense. Yell from the roof tops, plaster yourself on a billboard, run 100k in commercials its not going to do any good. It's over Phil... Replying to the above comment who was she? She deserves to be humiliated, people like her make me sick, this is just one more reason to get rid of him, wake up Knoxville, we have an idiot for property assessor, this kind of crappy goes on every day. Mr Black Wednesday had his chance, proved he wasn't worthy, collected 600,000.00 for four years work, and the tax payers got screwed. Phil did you honestly think you could fool us? How many times did you fail the state testing to become certified? Phil will make his rounds on election day to the poles dressed in orange attire, and so will the complete staff of the property assessors office. You will not see but at most 5 people in the assessors office on election day, those will be the true workers whom do the work and paid the least.

Anonymous said...

Well Old Betty it has been brought to my attention that my postings are irritating you. The truth hurts doesn't it, you were without a job begged a well respected man to get you a job, and turned your back on him. I will laugh my butt off when Phil lets you go, he has used you for what he needed, it's time for much younger people, out with Old Betty and in with the new. Do you have a county car? Have you any knowledge of assessing property? It the computer system on line? How many politicians children work in the assessors office? Old Betty, will you be working on election day in the assessors office? No, you are just like the rest of the cronies of that office, worthless.... Have you ever met me? NO do I live in Knoxville, NO do I think you will follow through with kicking my .... NO I don't owe you nor Knox County anything, I paid my taxes and got the heck out of here in 2009, the Internet is a great source of commentary, as I sit here on the lanai having a glass of wine, watching the sun set, I am reminded how lucky I am and how useless you are. Cheers...