Friday, February 24, 2012

Conley Underwood's Opponent Violates Board Policy Third Day in a Row

Today it was Corryton Elementary School that got a visit from a campaign worker for Conley Underwood's opponent. A man matching the description of Brad Rayson (the man that identified himself at Carter Elementary School yesterday) was at Corryton Elementary School. He parked his car where the license plate could not be seen. He then proceeded to walk to each car handing out his candidates propaganda. A parent snapped two photographs, the first one is how closely she was parked to the school. The second of the propaganda that she was given. Melissa Copelan when contacted by Shock And Awe said, "we have reminded school administrators and school security of Policy CC and if there are people in violation they are being asked to cease." Conley Underwood is expected to file an ethics violation to the Knox County School Board's Ethics Committee on his opponent, the current School Board Member for District Eight. Here is our post on the incident at Gibbs Elementary on Tuesday and this post yesterday from the incident at Carter Elementary School. 
This is how close the parent was parked in front of Corryton Elementary when a man walked to her car handing out campaign material for Conley Underwood's opponent. 

This is the campaign propaganda that the parent was handed by  one of Conley Underwood's opponents campaign. 


Anonymous said...

This violation has been going on all week. Why hasn't McMillian said something, or tried to stop it? Unless of course he is so limited in intelligence that he can't see how this type activity could hurt his campaign more than help it.
Or, as usual perhaps . McMillian isn't the one in charge of his campaign.

I hope Conley Underwood is elected so those of us who live in the 8th District no longer have to be embarrassed by our school board member.

Anonymous said...

The handout for McMillan looks to be identical to those he handed out during the last race on election day, so I guess they are part of his official campaign materials. Yet he says they aren't "official" and he can't control his volunteers.
For any election I have been involved in no one would even consider breaking election policies because of their respect for the candidate they are supporting. Does that suggest to you McMillan doesn't have the respect of his volunteers?

Anonymous said...

At an 8th district candidate forum last night at Gibbs, McMillan once again said that a former opponent who was in the audience had only favored a renovated Carter Elementary. McMillan can say it 1,000 more times and it still won't be true. All four of the previous candidates repeatedly said they were for a new Carter Elementary School.
And why does McMillan still talk about a former opponent from a past election and not deal with his current opponent? Could it be that he lacks the ability to deal with the "now" and can only repeat what he said in the past?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hornback I wish you would comment on the two articles that have been written about the candidate forum held last Thursday, one in The Focus and one in the Shopper News about the 8th District School Board race. After reading both with great curiosity as I wasn't able to attend the forum, I am enlightened by the professional coverage of actual questions and answers the candidates gave in the Shopper News. However the other free paper seemed to want to address issues from the previous race and try to once again belittle a former opponent of McMillan. What in the world is wrong with the "staff" of the free paper? We, the voters, are interested in the candidates in the current race not in comments, most of which have been refuted in many articles over the last two years, about the race two years ago. It seems that Underwood came out smelling like a rose and McMillan once again didn't have much to say about current issues. Thank you
Sandra Clark for allowing those of us who couldn't attend to know how each candidate answered the questions. My vote will go to Conley Underwood!