Sunday, February 26, 2012

Trustee Duncan Rewards Chadwick With Bigger Salary Than The Trustee Receives

Mike "Donila da career killa" Donila posted this (on Thursday) about Trustee John Duncan rewarded his staff with pay increases. That Trustee character he likes handing out money. I think he should throw some coin or cash a couple of bloggers way. Like this dude and this one too.

To quote Donila, Anyhoo. 

Sources within the Trustee office told us that in August 2010 when Duncan hired Chadwick B. Tindell as the Delinquent, Delinquent Tax Attorney that is. Tindell wanted $110,000 a year. But Baby Duncan didn't want the delinquent, delinquent tax attorney making more than the Trustee. So, Chadwick was paid $106,904.48 a year which was about $1 less than Duncan makes. So in December 2011 and December 2012 Chadwick was one of several employees to get the $3,000 bonus for NOT completing the CTAS training. He has since refunded the money, according to Duncan's office. In addition, he has reportedly hired Criminal Defense Attorney Don Bosch. 

So, beginning January 1, 2012 a lot of people in the Trustee's office got a 3% raise. Chadwick was one of those that got a raise. Chadwick is on receiving $110,112.34 in taxpayer coin. The Trustee's salary did not change because it is set by the legislature. Duncan is still making $106,905.76 the legislature may decide to raise Duncan's salary before the legislature adjourns for the year. So, when I know that. I will let you know it. 


Keeping them honest said...

It appears that Chad just got a big raise to make up for the loss of the bonus (fraud).....he will need more than a $3000 bump to pay off big Don.Thank you Donila for keeping this story current....Rumor is the TBI is hard out work but so is Congressman Duncan in an effort to mae this go away! Chad how can you accept this taxpayer rip-off? You must be embarrassed!!

Anonymous said...

What is the status on ALL of the various investigations into the Trustee's office? What has it been, 4+ years?

Anonymous said...

Channel 10 is supposed to feature a number of the largest delinquent taxpayers in Knox County this week and there could be some concerns why these taxpayers have been allowed to wallow around with multiple years of unpaid county taxes while the Trustee is throwing money around like a drunken sailor. In my opinion, most will be well known Republican faces, closely associated or actually the real estate developers and they get special treatment that the run of the mill homeowner or struggling worker does not get.

Baby Duncan and his new found fiefdom are under investigation and now people/media are really wondering what are you doing to collect money that the delinquent taxpayers actually owe. Tax revenue is up (people or their mortgage companies are paying more in taxes) but what are the collection figures that have justified the county hiring an attorney that does not work in the law director's office and is not held responsible to the people to whom he is supposed to be serving.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone out there aware that the Bsby Duncan almost lost his home to foreclosure in 2011? The person charged with managing money for the county wasn't paying his own mortgage and his (now ex-) wife had to get it caught up just before it went into foreclosure. What in the he** is wrong with this guy?!? He makes over $100k and didn't meet his own financial obligations. I seriously hope he gets kicked out of office.