Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chancellor Fansler Did The Right Thing

Chancellor Fansler stepped aside from the divorce proceedings of Mayor Burchett and his estranged wife. The Chancellor's recusal allowed the News Sentinel delay it's release of the visitors log and video tapes of the lobby area of the Big Metal Shed.

I have to wonder if the move to recuse himself from the divorce had anything to do with the fact that Mayor Burchett's campaign checking account is with First Tennessee Bank and the Chancellor's wife Pam is President and East TN Market Manager for First Tennessee Bank.

Surely, First Tennessee Bank is as interested in who the anonymous source is that obtained canceled bank checks and provided them to the newspaper. As a bank customer you should know that your bank records are not subject to being obtained by anyone other than the persons you designate.

Again, great move by Chancellor Fansler!

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Roscoe Persimmon said...

Maybe we'll get lucky and the Tennessee Supreme Court will appoint Jon Kerry Blackwood to hear the balance of the case and the divorce, he's seen all of the other litigation demonstrating the deplorable leadership and competency in Knox County government.

Look for First Tennessee to get their subponea as well as they don't issue cancelled checks back to account holders anymore, you have to go online and identify the check to get the copy of it as processed and paid. If the First Tennessee account and images of the checks were accessed from the Big Metal Shed, things could get rather interesting. In that scenario, there is no "source" to protect as the checks were accessed by representatives of the KNS as a part of their hatchet job on Burchett. Once little Jack McIlroy is on the stand, he'll have ot answer certain questions regarding whether or not the check images were acccessed from his builidng or whether or not documents of printed images of the checks were delivered to his building. In either scenario, improper access to the records and images of the account at First Tennessee are improper and should not be available to anyone other than the account holder/owner, creating the necessary exemption under the "shield" law since unlawful activity has occurred.

Turn JK Blackwood loose on the KNS now, more than ever.