Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Vote for Kent Calfee's Opponent is.....

On one of Facebook pages of Republican Kent Calfee's opponent is a picture of a young man at the Kingston July 4th Smokin the River event. Mr. Calfee's opponent posted the picture.

The young man is wearing a Dennis Ferguson t-shirt and it appears that he has placed a sticker for Republican Calfee for State Representative on his shirt.

Calfee's opponent says a vote for Calfee is a vote for Ferguson. Now wait. Calfee is running for State Representative and Ferguson for Road Superintendent.

But from his opponents same Facebook page is a picture of the early vote activity for her campaign and it would appear that a vote for Calfee's opponent is a vote for Brian Mullins for Road Superintendent, Chuck Fleischmann for Congress and Robinette for Property Assessor. I am sure that incumbent Roane County Property Assessor Teresa Kirkham and/or the other Property Assessor candidate David Morgan are thrilled to know that Calfee's opponent is promoting one of their opponents.

The supporters of Weston Wamp and Scottie Mayfield should take notice and cast their votes for Kent Calfee and correct the mistake that Roane County made two years ago.


Shooter@FrontierFirearms said...

People who understand Roane County GOP politics know well why this photo is significant.

The people pushing Calfee the hardest are the same "Republicans" who broke off from the GOP party to support Dennis Ferguson in the last election and as you said yourself this left them "bruising and licking their wounds."

Also, many of Calfee's cash contributor and most vocal supporters are long time Democrats and hard core liberal progressives.

Thus, it isn't a stretch to suggest that a vote for Calfee is a vote for the Democrat polices of former State Representative Dennis Ferguson.

Brian Hornback said...

Why is Calfee's opponent taking pictures of the supporters of Mr. Calfee. It is one of 3 things 1) she is an immature incompetent moron 2) she is stalking them which is illegal or 3) she is adding them to her private pervert stash