Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Emergency Meeting with TN Republican Chairman

Tomorrow, TN GOP Chairman Chris Devaney is meeting with the Rhea County and now Roane County Republicans. He is discussing TN's Open Primaries. No one cared when the campaigns of Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Ron Ramsey & Zach Wamp were raising the same issue two years ago.

The TN Republican State Executive Committee took up the issue and decided against proceeding with a closed primary.

With an open primary a voter can vote Democrat one primary election. The next election in the Republican primary. In a closed primary you declare your party and you must vote in that primary, solely.

What is funny about these emails. Is that Flo Charles the Roane County Republican email list, "all Roane County TRUE Republicans" if they are not true republicans why is she communicating with them. Also, who performs the true test?

The email chain is below.

From: "Flo Charles
Date: July 24, 2012 1:50:10 PM EDT
Subject: IMPORTANT! -PUT THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR! : THIS - THURSDAY JULY 26th 7 PM to MEET with: TN Republican Chairman Chris Devaney

All Roane County TRUE Republicans are invited to this meeting with Rhea County. Many counties are being bombarded with Democrats switching over to vote in the Republican Primary to defeat and take over the local Republican Party.

Please attend if possible,


IMPORTANT! -PUT THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR! : - THURSDAY JULY 26th 7 PM to MEET with: TN Republican Chairman Chris Devaney



Chairman Devaney is scheduled to meet with Rhea county Republicans
this Thursday July 26, 2012 7:00 P.M. at the RCRP Headquarters.

This is a very important election and we must get out the vote for our
Republican candidates.

Please come and bring a friend to hear a great statesman speak on
this crucial election and hear how we can help keep Rhea County,
the state of Tennessee and our Country in good hands with qualified

Ken Coppinger
Party chairman

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Keeping them Honest said...

Simply stated they are afraid that the local embarrassment,J. Hurley, is in electorial trouble. But True GOP's know she needs to go..and she needs to go now....nothing is too low for her to stoop to in order to get reelected...