Saturday, July 21, 2012

McElroy is Lighting the Fire on Burchett, However His Match is Wet With Bias & Personal Agenda

The smoke from the Great Knoxville Mulch Fire must have gotten to Jack McElroy. The smoke from the Great Knoxville Mulch Fire blew right into the path of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill and now 2-3 months later, we hear reports of McElroy angrily confronting a young legal employee trying to deliver a subpoena. (Read it here) Now my sources at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill indicate that the front page story tomorrow will be that Mayor Burchett is refusing to turn over his personal financial records.

It is none of McElroy or the public's business what his personal financial records are. Burchett was elected by 85% of the vote. Does the Big Metal Shed on the Hill have 85% of the population buying their papers? NO.

Why doesn't Jack McElroy release his personal financial records? Like how he paid his personal property taxes late a few of years ago. Why doesn't McElroy release the financial records of the operations of the Big Metal Shed on the Hill? Release how much money Pilot Travel Centers pays for Free Friday Newspapers.

Come on McElroy, it is time to end your Joe McCarthy hunt for your perceived enemies. McElroy should reveal how he obtained the campaign account records and canceled checks from Mayor Burchett's campaign account. Did he hack the account, or did he have someone hack the account? Because Mayor Burchett, nor his unemployed estranged wife have reported they did not release them. So, who hacked the account?


Rosco Persimmon said...

First Tennessee will provide the IP addresses attached to their online account systems which were used to access the account involved. If a potential crime has been committed and the News Sentinel has information which may assist in the identification of the perpetrator, their defenses under the shield law are gone.

The News Sentinel has deteriorated into an amateur entry level newspaper rag, not a hallmark of journalistic integrity and ethics, much along the lines of what ate up Harry Moskos when he ran the thing from cramped quarters on the back side of downtown Knoxville. The rapid demise of the paper has been on McIlroy's watch and in my opinion, he may be feeling the heat for putting out such a deplorable product and an embarrassment to the shining jewels of Scripps, just down I-40 at Scripps Media.

Desperate people do desperate things and McIlroy's attempted smear job on Burchette may end up putting more mud in McIlroy's face that onto Burchette's back.

Anonymous said...

Why won't McElroy demand Gov. Haslam release his income sources, which he never has. Haslam also threw out a requirement for the governor and his aides to disclose their incomes.