Saturday, July 28, 2012

KNS Bias Exposed Again

Yesterday, The Big Metal Shed on the Hill ran a story about a city finance specialist that embezzled $55,000 in grant money that was supposed to fund KPD's Crimes Against Children.

But, today no follow up. No details. They reported he was hired in 2000 Victor Ashe regime apparently stole from the taxpayers during the Bill Haslam regime. Of course current Mayor Madeline Rogero was a high level official during the Haslam regime. So who know what and when did they know it.

I mean McElroy & Birmingham have spent pages and pages about $15,000 in private contributions that our County Mayor's wife wrote & cashed to herself. However, just a brief mention of $55,000 in tax dollars and no follow up or no outrage. No former elected officials calling on any follow up investigation.

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Keeping them honest said...

Where was Mayor...I meant Gov Haslam's administrative contrils?