Friday, July 27, 2012

Rep. Ryan Haynes Campaign Kickoff

A very large crowd turned out for the campaign kickoff of State Rep. Ryan Haynes last night. State Representative Richard Montgomery of Sevier County took a beak from his primary re-election to come down and introduce Haynes.

Any readers in Sevier County, Cast a Vote for Richard. Enjoy the sights


Roscoe Pesimmon said...

Haynes is carrying the water in Nashville for the Sevier County Government to get liquor by the drink back on the Pigeon Forge ballot in November. It was defeated last spring and they don't want to wait another 2 years before they bring it back up.

They might as well wait, the forces are already aligned to defeat the measure if it appears on the ballot again in November.

Not sure why Knox County's representative would get caught up in Sevier County politics, but so be it.

Brian Hornback said...

Roscoe, you sound like a Dale Carr supporter. It has been a close race, but I believe Sevier Co loses if Montgomery loses. BTW, I don't know that your comment about MY Representative being a tool for Sevier co is accurate. I will ask him