Friday, July 06, 2012

Kent Calfee Responds to Hurley Lies

Today Republican State Representative Kent Calfee responded from his website located here to the constant barrage of lies being spread by his opponent Julia Hurley. Calfee obviously has information that her lies are going to get worse in forthcoming mailings and advertisements.

Calfee's statement in part read, "A sad day in Tennessee Republican Politics. Today is a sad day."

"For weeks my primary opponent has been launching one personal attack after another. These are just flat out lies."

"She has said I donated $1,000 to Al Gore…"
"She said I supported Obama…."
"She said I raised taxes over 300%…"
"She has even followed myself, my family and supporters around taking photos of us speaking with fellow candidates; recently posting a photo of me on her personal face book page!"

"Now we have heard that my primary opponent is getting ready to launch vicious, personal attack ads against me in the next few days."

"You want to campaign on facts and real life issues, that’s fine. But there is no place in the Republican Primary for sophomoric antics and this type of campaigning. It is shame that some people will do what ever it takes to hold on to power. Tennessee deserves better than that!"

"Please help us watch out for these personal attacks. We have heard they will be in the form of mailings and tv ads. You can also help us fight her vicious attacks by signing up to help or by making a contribution. Working together we can restore some respect back to OUR STATE HOUSE!"

I give Calfee credit for being more respectful than necessary, he gave her credit for sophomoric antics. Her antics are more like third grade. But I digress.

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Sarah McCoin said...

Hurley is as low as low can get and desperate. Would any expect anything else from her? She must find a new job. Lies may work in bars but not in real life.

Kent Calfee has Integrity and is going to be our next state rep!