Monday, July 16, 2012

Jack McElroy Explains After Shock And Awe Asked

Yesterday's column (here) from Jack McElroy at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill is interesting when you consider this post from Shock And Awe (aka Brian's Blog) last Thursday July 12th. McElroy has never explained to the readership how or why he/they endorse. Something compelled him to explain it and Shock And Awe is the only one to brought the matter up.

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Roscoe Persimmon said...

As with most families in Knoxville, a KNS endorsement or support from the SuperChamber indicates who NOT to support or to vote for in an upcoming election or community debate. When newspapers were run by objective minds with journalistic integrity and ethics, those well written endorsements actually meant something in a campaign. In a world polluted by big government, spending taxpayers dollars with largess and no accountability, the KNS and the SuperChamber support nothing bug big government largess and runaway spending at every level of government they can get their hands on. The endorsements from the KNS or the positions advocated by the SuperChamber are a battle cry for hard working citizens and families who believe smaller limited government is better government and those who are of the opinion that local, state, and federal government should get off our land, off our backs, and out of our wallets and bank accounts.

McElroy and the KNS endorsement are meaningless this day and age and are a solid reminder of who and what NOT to support in local, state, and federal politics.