Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hutchison Gains Key Endorsement

Republican State Representative Candidate Tim Hutchison received the endorsement of the Tennessee State Employees Association (TSEA) today. This key endorsement is from the very organization that works with and is impacted most by actions of the legislature. Former Knox County Sheeriff Hutchison is is a four way contest for Knox County's NEW District 89. The district takes in Hardin Valley, Solway, Karns and portions of Northwest Knox County. Hutchison's website is located here.


Keeping Them Honest said...

Brian--Tim is slowly gaining momentum----He is working as hard as he did the first time he ran for sheriff..and enjoying it.He is knocking on many doors. He will get 40% of GOP vote and win by 8 points over the closest primary opponent. He has no opposition in the general. In Nashville he will be the "go to" guy in the house for law enforcement. Be glad you bought his cake!!

Anonymous said...

This race fascinates me. It'll be interesting to see if Hutch can pull off a win after the mayoral failure. Kind of a political resurrection that deserves some attention.