Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Save Our Schools missed the Memo

Today at the Farragut parade was a large truck with the Save Our Schools signs and a couple people walking behind the truck in the yellow SOS shirts. Evidently, they missed the memo that County Commission already voted on the Schools budget and their campaign has ended. (at least till next budget cycle, April 2013)


Deathstar Vader said...

Sore losers... hey, Virginia Babb, it's over and it wasn't even close. County Commission never even voted on your precious tax increase.

50 cents wasted said...

Very sore losers. They got an abundance of bad advice and they hooked their wagon to organizations like the Knoxville Super Chamber which have done nothing for the community in the last 4 years except suck up money and pontificate and express opinions on all political topics. Not a crowd anybody serious about education in Knox County would want to hook their wagon to. In my opinion, SOS stands for See Our Silliness, regarding the juvenille, balloon, and T-Shirt approach to education reform.

Anonymous said...

These SOS liars have crossed the line. Next year we need to make it clear that 250 city residents don't make the decisions for everyone in the county. That means McInLiar has to go. And if Edwards wants to stick his snout in this again he needs to go to.

We need to defund the Chamber next year. Pressure the state to return our right to elect the school Superintendent.

We should also elect the MPC Commissioners. And force little Jack out of a job at the Slantinel.

It is time for the people outside the city to stand up. We outnumber them by a large margin. Enough is enough. It's time for a fight.

Anonymous said...

Why are they still there? Because it's not going to stop. Not with SOS, not with McIntyre, not with the Chamber, not with the Haslam network.

They don't take losing well.

They'll bully and buy until they think they can get there way.

But they unintentionally opened the Governor up to saying he wanted a tax hike.

That may be a difficulty when election time comes around next time.

All politics is local.