Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kent Calfee's Opponent Failed In Winning Friends and Influencing People

Do you remember the Dale Carnegie book How to win friends and influence people? Two years ago, Kent Calffee's opponent won a very close election that left a lot of people in Roane County bruising and licking their wounds.

It was her opportunity to mend the wounds and be the next 20 year incumbent legislator. But no! She started out with embarrassing incident after embarrassing incident. In addition, when redistricting the legislative seats came up, she allowed Roane County to be split.

So when Republican Kent Calfee became a candidate and all the upset folk began helping Calfee both with his knowledge and without his knowledge. I just discovered this website. It is obviously happening without his knowledge. Because Mr. Calfee would not allow it. The website is clearly in it's development stage. Check back often, I am sure it will not disappoint.

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