Sunday, July 08, 2012

Republicans Have a Choice on August 2 (early voting July 13-28, 2012) Zach Poskevich!

Nationally Syndicated Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Mark Levin called Bob Corker "a damn weasel, a COWARD." As Republicans, we have another choice on August 02, 2012 (early Voting July 13-28, 2012). A Constitution Conservative Zach Poskevich. His website is located here. Check Zach out and cast an informed vote.

Mark Levin: Bob Corker is a Coward by therightscoop
A special note to Ray Jenkins, I plan to be at the West Knox Republican Club Picnic tomorrow night (Monday July 9, 2012) you can hand me another threatening letter for not supporting the establishment candidate, right before you leave the meeting, like you have in the past at the West Knox Club.

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