Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Tensions are High at the Big Metal Shed on the Hill

According to sources near the Big Metal Shed on the Hill. Tensions have been rather intense since Saturday's Front Page Follies. It seems that at least one Executive level person is rather upset with Editor Jack McElroy appearing in a skit with Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett regarding a spoof on the newspapers and Mayor's strained relationship.

blog has a pretty good run down of Saturday's Front Page Follies event. Read it here. Moxley reports that the skit went to the tune of Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off.” (You know, the potato/po-tah-to song.) The verbiage between McElroy and Burchett went like this. McElroy: You say “subpoena” and I say “you schem’a!” Burchett: You say “disclosure” and I say “Who told ya?” Both: Subpoena! You schem’a! Disclosure! Who told ya? Let’s sort it out in court.


Deathstar Vader said...

Hornback, I went to Moxley's blog and saw the photo of McElroy at the Follies. Thanks for the link. If I remember correctly, Smurfs (from the old cartoon) were said to be 3 apples tall. Probably a full apple taller than McElroy... Is it me or does Jack McElroy remind you of comedian Tim Conway's character "Dorf.?" You know, like "Dorf Goes Fishing" or "Dorf Bankrupts a Newspaper?"

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, McElroy is in the front page follies and then turns around and indirectly associates the Mayor with taking bribes?

The KNS is nothing but a cheap rag fueled by alleged scandal and rumor mongering.

Heck, if it really investigated alll that need to be investigated, McElroy could only socialize with his friends during visitation hours at the jail.