Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Local Blog Forum Bans Brian Hornback. Brian Is Pleased!

This evening, R. Neal has blocked me from posting over at his local blog forum. This is the first time he has ever done that, I unsubscribed the first time I left. I am in good company though. First, #9 who I have never met and then Walker Johnson. What do the three of us have in common? We are Conservative by nature. #9, I don't think is a Republican but is Conservative. Walker is Republican and Conservative. Walker's column got pulled over at the E.W. Scripps tabloid because he wouldn't mislead the reporting of a local television stations rating numbers to fit what Sandra and Betty wanted the ratings to be.

In addition, I discovered tonight who the poster Catfish is and that has unnerved Catfish, Sandra and Betty and they squeezed R.Neal to ban me before I outed him. Catfish, time will reveal your identity maybe not at the local blog forum.

Brian's Blog has more readers than the local blog forum. The difference is their members and lurkers are refreshing a couple of hundred times a day. That makes their numbers look larger than they really are.

KnoxViews is upset that Brian's Blog exposed Sharon Cawood. They are upset because we ensure that our information is accurate and they do not. Again, I have my name on this blog and R.Neal won't even show his face. He is All anonymous, All the time. Kind of cowardly, if you ask me.

I have always been told you can know a person by the enemies they keep. I know that I am living on the right side when Sandra, Betty, Chad and others are on one side and I am on the right side. I have never resorted to such personal attacks, like Sandra did at Halls Republican Club targeting a competitor of hers. (Sandra told a former elected official and Publisher of the competitive paper to go do something to himself)


walker said...

Welcome to the legion of the BANNED!

I know more than a few folks who are
"trolling" (there term for anyone posting who is NOT a member of the far far left) on and they tell me the Grand PoBa has no idea they are there.

Truth is if they had a ounce of
fairness they would welcome ALL to
express and post.

Still it is a wonderful thing to be
banned by a group like that! Kinda like having your mom find out from the other mom's you are not running with the "wrong" crowd!

Good luck in the future and remember my blog is always wide open and NEVER edited..if you want to drop in.

Walker Johnson

Anonymous said...

And what, pray tell, did that former elected official tell Sandra to do? They were not the only two people in that room, you know. As for your assertion that you have never resorted to personal attacks; that is a complete fabrication. If your blog is so popular, why so few comments? This is my first, and last, time visiting.

Brian Hornback said...

Walker it is a GREAT feeling, actually. I am surprised that it took them so long.

You know once I got in there it was like being in a place I knew I didn't belong, but couldn't find the door to get out. It was so dark and smoke filled.

Once the grand PoBa turned the house lights on last night and I realized the kind of place that I had been, it was a relief to leave.

BTW, I have been thrown out of much, much better places. Not much worse.

Brian Hornback said...


Don't guess you will read my response, since you ain't coming back. It takes great courage to post anonymously. It was probably a duty as assigned by your supervisor over at the tabloid. Have a drink on me this week. When you cash your check.

I gues both of you are surprised but I have published your work of crap. Yes, I know what was said by both of them. I also know there were witnesses. They all confirm his story, not tabloid editor girl's.

He informed her that she can dish it out, but she can't take it. He used no profanity. She used a few. It is obvious she can't take it from the fact that she demanded that R.Neal ban me because I was exposing her and Betty's inaccuracies.

Oh well. Have fun reading the Slopper instead of Brian's Blog.