Friday, September 21, 2007

The Battle of The KFL Rookie Coaches

Tonight was rare. The week was hectic and I didn't travel to McMinn County to watch the Admirals play and they are currently tied 14-14.

I did watch the Bearden -vs- Karns game on CSS. It was the battle of the rookie coaches. Brad Taylor in his first year at Bearden and some guy last name Reeves in his first year at Karns. Well, I always pull for the Bearden Bulldogs in every game, except when they play the Farragut Admirals.

Tonight, the Bearden coached team of Brad Taylor dominated the Karns Beavers coached by Reeves 35-6.

The officiating crew was suspect in the first half showing a little home cooking for Karns with a roughing the passer call, that didn't happen, a pass interference call that didn't happen.

In addition, Mark Packer the play by play guy, kept saying how Coach Reeves told him this was the weakest team he has ever coached and how it will take Reeves a couple of years to fix Karns. PLEAAAAASSE!

Karns football in the past five years have been the most successful in the school's history. Packer needs to concentrate on calling the game and quit being the mouthpiece for one coach and/or one team. As a matter of fact, in 2004 Packer appeared at a community meeting upset that the school district had proposed to rezone his home into the Karns school district. It would appear that CSS should consider another play by play announcer when Karns is playing.

Congratulations to Coach Taylor, Quarterback Dawson Halliday and all the Bulldogs. Leave it on the field and the officials and announcers can't say anything about the domination that you demonstrated in your play.

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