Thursday, September 13, 2007

Stormwater People and Their Campaign

UPDATE: I contacted Cortney Piper, this card is not a product of the TN Clean Water Network. It would then appear that it may be a product of the concrete pipe people. We need disclosure on this.

Original Post: I received a very nice full color postcard with several scare tactic pictures on the front and on the back a message telling me that is not to late to contact the Commissioners and tell them that we need the strongest and most durable storm drains.

It gave me the contact information for my Commissioners. The card gave me Lee Tramel's home and office number and Richard Cate's home number. The only problem is that I do not live and/or vote in the Fourth district.

It is really sad when organizations and people spend so much money on this grassroots type campaign and then screw it up.

So if they don't know how to simply identify people in the right district. How do they know the right material to be placed under our roads?

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