Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Knox County Sunshine Lawsuit Coverage: News-Sentinel Reporters Move From Reporting to Interpreting or Assuming

The culprit today is either Jamie Satterfield or Hayes Hickman. For now since it is not a quote in today's article on the Knox County Sunshine Lawsuit. I will point the finger at Jamie Satterfield. She and the others at the Sentinel can email me and correct me, if I am wrong. How ever check out these two paragraphs from Jamie Satterfield's online story this afternoon.

Phone records also indicate that Moore was getting more legal advice from Knox County Commission lobbyist and attorney John Valliant than he was from the law department.

He logged daily and lengthy conversations with Valliant in the days after the ruling was handed down.

Where do the phone records reveal the detail of the conversation?

They could have been talking about hunting, fishing or where they take their families on vacation.

Do we need to remind the people in the BIG metal building on the hill not to assume what the contents of the conversation are just because you have the phone records.

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