Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Local Blog Forum Violates Copyright Laws

The local blog forum and one of its main contributors late last evening posted a photograph that appeared on this blog. The photograph is copyright protected by the photographer and is the sole property of Brian's Blog. The primary administrator of the local liberal blog forum was issued an email at 6:03 a.m. this morning informing him that he has a copyright protected photograph on his local blog forum in violation of the copyright laws. The publisher of the newspaper that the contributor writes for was issued an email as well, simply notifying him of his employees violation of copyright protected material.

Two attorneys that engage in copyright infringement have contacted me this morning desiring to represent the parties in this situation.


RL said...

What's new? Betty and the local blog forum do not believe in common courtesy much less the rules or even the rule of law

KnoxLaw said...

I understand that the column she wrote for the newspaper this week, is all lies. She never did what she said she did.

Will John Valliant sue her and the newspaper she writes for? My guess is that it is likely. John says she never wrote anything like that and he would have never laughed about as she claims.