Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tabloid Bully Girl Likes Her Source(s)

This from tomorrow's "tabloid bully girl". She admits to name calling and giggles about the subject dating back to 2001. What changed for tabloid bully girl in August 2006? He decided to talk with her and become a source for a three part series that she supposedly authored last August. A series that was plagued with errors and omissions and violations of the Journalist Code of Ethics. So many errors and violations in a third of one part that the Shopper published a four page "set the record straight" document from me.

Last week, I simply posted a link to another Knoxville blog that published the email. I did not receive the email from Newhouse, obviously I was not in his POS address book. I did receive an email from him after the blog post went up. In the email he requested that I remove the link. I replied to him explaining why it was necessary to link to it and to make it a post.

However, it appears that with his response that he is taking clients away from POS. It could open a whole new world of controversy. In employment situations like his status, it is customary to sign a non-compete contract. I have been unable to verify that this is the case in his individual situation. However, in his email to me, he indicates that he and his partner were the first two individuals to leave POS since the 90's.

If there is any new information on this situation, I will post it. If not it is just SOP (standard operating procedure) for tabloid bully girl. No surprises there. Now is there.


Rob said...

Is it unusual for her to like anyone? In my encounters with her, she doesn't like anyone except her own self.

Fourth and Gill resident said...

She isn't a likeable person or a person that likes others. She only likes Tyler because he lives in Washington and she wants his assistance in getting her a job in Washington.