Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Tabloid Bully Editor Girl Changes Her Report Again

Over on the liberal blog, I challenged tabloid bully editor girl in the fact that she was not reporting all the announced candidates for County Clerk. The tabloid bully editor girl said that she wasn't reporting Mike McMillan's name because she didn't believe he would run and for everyone to check back in 2008.

Well, it didn't take her long to change her tune and I was right. So, you don't have to wait and check back with her in 2008. This excerpt from under a photograph in tomorrow's edition of the West Side Slopper says. "..............attended the Scott Moore reception. All served with Moore on Knox County Commission, and the three held the longest tenure when term limits were implemented. Tindell is serving as interim clerk until the next election. Other candidates are Mike McMillan and Foster Arnett Jr. on the Republican side and George Stooksbury, Democrat."

The tabloid bully editor girl and tabloid bully girl want you to believe others can't tell the truth. Heck this is SOP for them. I am happy to continue serving as the Truth Squad and exposing them for the lies and gossip they print every week.

I am happy to serve as a reliable source for them.


Karen said...

When is she going to learn to quit being the laughing stock of Knox County? Better yet, when is Scripps going to have enough of her actions?

Powell Republican said...

Has she been back to Halls Republican Club? or has she seen Steve Hunley recently?

Mr. Hartmann was not impressed with her choice of language to Steve at the Halls meeting. The owners of the Mandarin House considered banning her from their establishment based on the eyewitness accounts of her language.