Saturday, September 29, 2007

With Additional Apologies To Georgiana Vines From The Bologna Cutting

On Thursday, I attended the World Famous Powell Auction Bologna Cutting. Thanks to Howard and Kenny Phillips for always inviting me. There's always something about that Powell Auction only Merita "freshest in the world" bread, bologna, moon pie and an RC cola.

The bologna cutting on Thursday was for our Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones, Great crowd. Read about it here in today's Georgiana Vines column. As Reporter Vines was leaving, she approached me and informed me of a funny story.

Mrs. Vines teaches a class over at UT, she had given some assignments to her students and one involved Bob Griffitts, Chief of Staff for our Republican Congressman John J. Duncan, Jr. One of Mrs. Vines students raised their hand and said Mrs. Vines, I have found your name. She had Internet searched Bob Griffitts name and this Brian's Blog post came up. To which Mrs. Vines said you miss-spelt my name.

I apologized and told her that I would correct it. She and I than shared how both of our names have over the years continually been miss-spelt. My first name as Brain or Bryan. Heck, during my four years as a School Board Member, the Superintendent continually pronounced my name as Hornbeck not Hornback. It doesn't bother me as long as I am spreading the truth and exposing the biases, along with the gossip and lies that exist in our culture.

I have corrected the post and will again apologize to Georgiana Vines.

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