Saturday, September 22, 2007

The First February 5, 2008 Yard Sign Is Up and The City of Knoxville Election

This morning on my drive to my 4 plus mile walk for the day, I spotted the first yard sign for the February 5, 2008 Primary election. There was a 2x2 Mike Lowe Property Assessor sign in the same yard as two small Mayor Haslam signs.

A few feet up the road a yard had Joe Bailey City Council yard signs. No signs for the two challengers campaigning for Mayor or the position currently held by Councilman Bailey.

The City primary election is this Tuesday September 25, 2007. It appears that Mayor Haslam will get the necessary 50% plus 1 to avoid a runoff and that is good. I am sure that the Mayor will enjoy reading his re-election story in the Knoxville-Knox County Focus. Here he is reading the Focus.

Brian's Blog endorses City Councilman Joe Bailey. It appears that the extremist liberals in the Knox County Democrat Party are going after Councilman Bailey. The good news is that the everyday normal democrat is supporting him and nearly every Republican. Turnout has been low so every vote will count. So, if you haven't voted for Joe during the early voting period, be sure that you get out on Tuesday and cast a vote at your polling location from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. for Joe Bailey for City Council.

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