Friday, September 07, 2007

Knox County School Supervisor States: We're Not Going To Be Able To Help Every Child

Last evening on WVLT, a story (locate the story here) aired about toxic mold in Knox County Schools. Mold has been located at West Valley Middle, A.L. Lotts Elementary, Farragut Primary, Farragut Intermediate and West Hills Elementary.

In the story, the Knox County Maintenance Supervisor in charge of air and environmental conditions in the classrooms said. "With 50,000 and something students, I guess we have, there is going to be a small percentage that we're not going to be able to help." Wrong answer.

Is the Knox County School System now on record that every child doesn't matter? At least with one supervisory employee, they are. With his response and his demeanor on camera it is clear that he has no problem leaving one or more children behind.

With Rob Riley guessing the number of students instead of verifying the student numbers with the attendance office. Does this demonstrate that instead of verifying the mold level in classrooms, he guesses the mold level?


jimbo said...

Rob Riley's boss Jim French came to Knox County from Blount County. Blount County had toxic mold in several schools and had to close the schools until it was removed.

It seems that Jim French's lack of responsibilty in overseeing the departments in Blount County created toxic mold and now he has brought it to Knox County.

Brian Hornback said...

I believe that Jim French was a principal in Blount County.

blount county observer said...

I remember when Jim French was over here in Blount Co that he had to leave Blount Co after an incident with a student, duck tape and a chair.

KCS Custodian said...

The department that Jim French supervises has to worst morale of any department in Knox County.

He only likes the yes men like Rob Riley.