Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Two Mike's Are In For The Knox County 2008 Election

Thursday of this week, Former Republican Knox County Trustee Mike Lowe has announced he will run for Knox County Property Assessor in the February 2008 Republican Primary and then face whoever the KnoxDems put up in August. In the Republican Primary, he will be facing County Commissioner Phil Ballard. Ballard announced several months ago and has already started running radio commercials.

Also, on Tuesday of this week at the Eighth District Republican Club former Republican County Commissioner Mike McMillian announced that he will run for the Republican nomination for County Clerk. This is the second time that McMillian has announced his intention. The first time at the Halls Republican Club.

He will be facing former Knoxville Police Department PR guy Foster Arnett and County Commission Chairman Scott Moore. The winner will then face Deputy County Clerk George Stooksbury. Stooksbury has allot of bi-partisan support. For those of you lurking from the liberal blog, bi-partisan means Republican and Democrat support.

The tabloid bully editor girl didn't believe McMillian's first announcement, will she believe the second? Only the mass in the area that normally occupies a brain in the tabloid bully editor girls head knows.

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srotherburg said...

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce... has Mr. Lowe finally found an office to run for? Rumor had it he was looking at 3 or 4 different offices before he finally settled for this one. Can those term limited politicians not just go home or find something else to do. Sounds like office jumping to me but I'm just the public and I obviously don't count these days...