Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Two of The Liberal Blog Contributor's Get It Wrong

First, Chad Tindell reported that no one from the Mayor's office was present at the Commission meeting, except John Troyer. I sat about three or four rows behind CBT and his lovely wife. I counted at least 6 employees of the County Mayor's office present in the Main Assembly Room.

Now, the "reporter" Sandra Clark said that the Mayor's office had to have leaked the audit to her employer E.W. Scripps Knoxville News-Sentinel. That wasn't true as usual for S.Clark. the County Mayor's office did not receive the final report until 6:25 p.m. in sealed envelopes personally given to them by one Richard Walls.

It would have helped Mr. Walls for him to have given it to them an hour or two before the meeting because they could have warned him that he was about to violate Federal law in disclosing Todd Cook's Social Security number. The copy that I obtained from Mr. Walls staff had the Social Security number revealed.

How could someone that has been the Independent County Auditor for several years do such sloppy, careless work as to violate Federal law? Will there be outrage from the Commissioners to have Walls resign or reimburse the county for his careless disregard for the law?


Anonymous said...

Uhm...do ya also think Mikey Arms should be fired for releasing the former Sheriff's personal information. How 'bout more consistency and less hypocrisy?

J.B. said...

This is amazing. How an individual that is supposed to be a professional and well versed on the law can screw up this bad. I believe County Commission should suspend him without pay for a week and have him contact every individual that received Mr. Cook's SSN #.

I hope Mr. Cook files a lawsuit against the auditor and the Knox County Commission, this is unbelievable.

K-Town said...

It is obvious that one local Attorney that posts over on the lieral blog is posting here under the title of anonymous. Look at the comment above and then look at a similar comment posted last night by CBT on the liberal blog.

Hey, CBT grow some stones and put your three intials on your post(s) over here.

Anonymous said...

I am most assuredly not CBT, but that is neither here nor there. Speak to the question of hypocrisy not anonymity.
BTW, are stones required to call yourself KTown or can I find you listed in the phone book that way?