Sunday, September 30, 2007

When The Shopper Stops, They Just Keep Going

Last week, we pointed out the Shopper got one right. If you are around me long enough. You will hear me repeat an old saying that I heard along time ago. I normally say it at least once every couple of days. The saying is "Even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once in awhile."

Well, last week evidently, the Shopper was the blind squirrel that happened to find the real aspect of journalism. As Larry Van Guilder, a shopper editorial writer allowed Mike Lowe to respond and included Lowe's reaction to his editorial column in the total column. I am sure Brian's Blog exposing the errors of the Shoppers ways with Moxley Carmichael probably had something to do with it.

This week, Larry Van Guilder is retracting something that he printed last week. It appears that last week he quoted an inaccurate statement made by Cathy Quist, aspiring General Sessions Court Judge about a private citizen and her employment status with a private company. However, Van Guilder did not obtain a retraction from Quist. So, maybe the lawyers can just lawyer up and get Quist to apologize and correct her inaccurate statement.

Here is the Larry Van Guilder snippet.

‘Not the boss’

Last week we quoted Circuit Court Clerk Cathy Quist who called the wife of Brian Barnard “an executive for Cigna.” Barnard, of course, is Knox County’s benefits manager who served on the committee which selected Cigna to service the county’s self-insured health plan. (Although Barnard abstained from the actual vote.)

He wrote to say that his wife, Judy, is “in fact, a salaried middle manager with Cigna, a ‘business project senior specialist.’ She is neither an executive nor an officer,” he said.


BTW, I think Larry Van Guilder is a pretty good guy. I think he just gets steered in the wrong direction on writing his editorials by the "tabloid bully girl" and the "tabloid bully editor girl". They don't tell him it is necessary to call to verify inaccurate statement(s) made by an individual with special interest(s).

A phone call to Cigna, would have verified what the ladies position within Cigna is and her husband would not have had to contact Van Guilder and then Van Guilder would not have had to correct an inaccurate report of an inaccurate statement.

Had Van Guilder looked at his notes from the September 17, 2007 County Commission Committee meeting or researched Brian's Blog for this post. He would have seen that the ladies husband had already made a public statement as to what his wife's position was at Cigna.

Lazy reporters, You can't live with them. You can't run a tabloid without them.

Cathy Quist, has informed the main stream media back a month or so ago (in an interview) that she doesn't read blogs. It is so too bad that she doesn't, because had she read our report on September 17, 2007, she would not have made an inaccurate statement about a private citizen and her work status.


Anonymous said...

In response to your recent commments on Sharon Cawood and Mike Lowe I would like to offer the following comments:

We now have two so called political machines running for the property assessor. The Cawood’s from Powell joining the Lowe’s - whose original base is from south Knoxville. Lillian Bean’s engine finally cooled and these people forget why it happened even though she was much more “respected” then these relative minor players. These two are some of the most arrogant that Knoxville has to offer. These people do not listen to the radio, read the newspaper or apparently the blogs. Knox County citizens have finally spoken and this will surely open their eyes wider to these candidates who campaign without shame for more taxpayer’s money – they need to get a real job – but they do not quality for much since they do no know how to clean out their own stables. I have news; neither campaign will fly and the voters will weigh in heavy on this one.

Cawood is a triple dipper but trying to run from it now. Just think her commission salary, her former salary from Cathy’s office and Mark’s salary from the sheriff. The total is over 100,000. She had poor old hard working Hubert Smith fired and her boss Cathy Quist called it “laid off”. Wow – this BS just gets deeper and deeper. She cannot dress it up any better than she does herself (County’s worst dressed list and with that kind of money). This gives us insight and we better watch whom the Clerk’s office is supporting and vote the other way. All this is just a continued ruse and old “TH” is calling the shots for these “office seekers” and “keepers” and pushing the buttons for Cathy. When does she run again – doesn’t matter - the people will give her a landslide out the door since she can’t speak for herself and are tired of puppets.

Lowe’s middle initials must be “SA” for supremely arrogant. The only term limited county wide office holder that is making best guess $85,000 as second seat but could not stand not being on the throne. He has thrown away his dream as County Mayor (Lord help) and in doing so Fred will be out the door. I urge all the informed, uninformed and misinformed to term limit this one once and for all. He is using a legal loophole to run this race and avoid sitting out just one term as the voters intended. While we may not want to give the other term-limited countywide office holders credit they have at listened and respected the citizens on this one item. He has no concerned for us or he would sit this one out with the other office holders – but arrogant overrides doing the right thing.


Anonymous said...

This week, Larry Van Guilder is retracting"

Not a clue who this dude is but you have to cast a yellow eye at him if he is a member of that mob!

Look all the way bac from the days when
the throw a way was a community
paper right up until now... and you will see it has been a has
been a bumpy ride.

Who knew these folks were all
far left
posters? No really if
you have ever brushed by that
blog you still have the smell on your body!

Anyway...lets all just read da bean for fun and remember America is
a very LONG way from what is
printed in that paper!

Brian Hornback said...

good points, anon. What I respect of Larry Van Guilder is that "they" haven't fully corrupted him, yet.

He and I spoke to one another this morning in the courtroom. That demonstrates a civil respect for one another, that he and I share for one another.

da beanie and da clarker do not speak to normal citizens like me. That is good, me no want to speak or be spoken to by them's anyway's