Thursday, September 20, 2007

What Is In A "Lumpy" Name?

This letter to the Editor (KNS Editor Jack McElroy in a speech to the Society of Professional Journalists at the University of Tennessee reflecting back on his directing the coverage of the Columbine incident with the Rocky Mountain News said. ‘Journalistically it was the greatest experience I ever had,’ ) appeared in today's paper.

Skip the nicknames of local politicians

Please tell your word processors to change their macro keys - or whatever they are called today - so that, when County Commissioner Greg Lambert's name comes up for print, they eliminate the nickname "Lumpy." Most of your readers are adults and find the constant use of his nickname juvenile. When Lambert is referred to in a news story as "Lumpy," he sounds as though he is not to be taken seriously. Thanks for listening.

Mary Ryan

While it appears that this fine citizen is attempting to do right. I contacted "Lumpy" today to ask if he was shedding the name "Lumpy"? "Lumpy" said. "Oh heavens no. There is no truth to it. I embrace the Lumpy name."

I thought, wow that's good after all what would "Lumpy" do with all those t-shirts that were printed with Don't be Grumpy, Vote for "Lumpy".

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