Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Republican Knox County Clerk Candidates Present Themselves To The Eighth District

A large crowd of nearly 250 people turned out at Carter High School tonight to hear the three Republican candidates for Knox County Clerk present themselves.

Several Elected officials and candidates for other offices attended as well. Some elected officials or candidates sent representatives.

Here is the list of those attending:

Republican General Sessions Judge Bob McGee. Judge McGee is a Republican candidate for the Criminal Court Judge position that has been made vacant due to Republican Criminal Court Judge Ray Lee Jenkins untimely death. The position will be on the February and August 2008 ballot.

Knox County Republican Property Assessor John Whitehead.

Knox County Republican County Commissioner from the 8th District Phil Ballard. Commissioner Ballard is a Republican candidate for Knox County Property Assessor.

Knox County Republican County Commissioner from the 8th District Jack Huddleston. Commissioner Huddleston is campaigning for election in 2008.

Rhonda Bennett represented Knox County Republican Law Director John Owings.

L.B. Steele candidate for Trustee as a Republican.

Barbara Hartsell representing Knox County Republican Register of Deeds Sherry Witt.

Wes Norris representing Knox County Republican Sheriff Jimmy "J.J." Jones.

Tim Wheeeler and Wendy Norris representing Knox County Republican Circuit, General Sessions and Juvenile Court Clerk Cathy Quist.

Kay Frazier Republican candidate for Knox County Commission from the 8th District.

Mike Wheatly representing former Knox County Republican Trustee Mike Lowe. Lowe is a candidate for Knox County Property Assessor.

Republican State Representative Harry Brooks.

Knox County Republican Party Chairwoman Irene McCrary.

County Commissioner Phil Ballard gave a report on the county's insurance plan and on the county's storm water ordinance that passed on second reading last evening. He also recognized two citizens, Helen Smith and Zella McPherson that were instrumental in the design of the new Knox County Senior Citizen center that the county broke ground for earlier in the day.

County Commissioner Jack Huddleston gave a report on the $400,000.00 improvements that will be coming to the intersection of Harbisons Crossroads in the Gibbs community of Knox County's Eighth District.

State Representative Harry Brooks said "We (the legislature) is not in session, so you folks are safe." The crowd laughed. He mentioned the Harbisons Crossroads intersection that Commissioner Huddleston had mentioned. This is a partnership between the state and county and this agreement is the first of its kind in Tennessee. He also discussed how the legislature created AP (Advanced Placement) classes for high school students taking a technical path.

The three Republican candidates for Knox County Clerk then presented themselves. Each candidate was given 8 minutes and 2 minutes followup after all three had presented themselves. The candidates went in alphabetical order.

Foster Arnett, Jr. - He discussed his plans for operating the office. He will be open, accountable and accessible. He said that when he becomes Clerk there will be no nepotism.

Mike McMillan - Mike McMillan is a former County Commissioner from the Eighth District. He discussed how the office takes in $56.0 million dollars a year. The office operates 6 satellite offices, soon 7. The office has 128 employees. The office registers 400,000 vehicles a year. He promised that when he is clerk that he "will put forth his best effort". Within his first 90 days he will evaluate each division and ensure the right people are there to serve the citizens. He said that he will have an open door, he will return your phone calls, he will be available to meet with you and if it is convenient for him to meet you at the satellite offices, he will do that as well.

County Commission Chairman Scott Moore discussed the issues going on with County Commission. He discussed how he is known within the eighth district due to his previous run for State Representative in the area. His mother and father, father in law and sister were in the audience and he recognized his family. He discussed his experience in law enforcement (public sector) and his experience in the private sector with his property management and his trucking business.

The meeting adjourned shortly thereafter.

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A Summers said...

Hello, the citizens need to make sure they know the candidates well when it comes time to vote. All the light that is being shed lately with the trial should help some decide not to vote for Scott Moore. And to make sure we replace all the "bad" commissioners, if it is possible to distinguish between bad and good.