Saturday, September 15, 2007

Concrete People and Their Campaign

O.k. a few days ago, I posted this about an anonymous postcard that is being mailed. They mailed to me, a non fourth district voter. I have now discovered that in addition to Commissioners Lee Tramel and Richard Cate. Commissioners Phil Ballard and Jack Huddleston have been targeted by this postcard.
Why is this significant? Because Commissioner Ballard voted AGAINST concrete pipe but for the ordinance.

I had contacted Cortney Piper and her organization TN Clean Water Network is not behind the card. Causing me to speculate that it is a product of the concrete people. With Commissioner Ballard's vote record, it is now obvious that it is the concrete people. What do they stand to gain from such scare tactics? An exclusive non compete demand for material. It is about the money and not having to compete in our free market economy.

All Commissioners should now see the devil in the details on this one.

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