Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Interesting Post Over At A New Blog

UPDATE 9/5/07 10:09 p.m. The liberal blog has linked to this post. In response I sent the liberal blog administrator the following email. I am posting it here for you my readers and the 6 or 7 from his blog to read it as well. When you allow a lie to go unchallenged it becomes the truth. I will not allow his and the tabloid bully girls lies to become the truth.

Obviously continuing to reference my blog is helping your little blog, with your traffic. You got it wrong. Tyler only assisted in my bid to be Chairman. He was never associated with me or me with him in any other political endeavors. As you may recall I was overwhelmingly supported that no one challenged me for Chairman, unlike your boy Chadwick who was opposed for his election as Chairman.

The list that you and others like to say Tyler got. Is the same list that I put in every elected Republican officials hands. Much to the dismay of Chad. However, I viewed the list as property of the party and elected party officials should have had the list and they have had it within one week of my being elected Chairman. BTW, I simply linked to a new local blog entitled Knoxville unwrapped. So I didn't post the email as you inaccurately proclaimed. It looks like the tabloid bully girls are rubbing off on you, Randy.


This will be posted at Brian's Blog for the benefit my readers and those 6 or 7 from your blog that click over.

This new entry into the Knoxville blogosphere is interesting. I have been checking it to see what kind of information the blog poster is sharing. Today's blog post is quite interesting.

Wonder what the tabloid bully girls think about it. I am giving them to much credit for thinking. They were huddled together in the back corner of a restaurant in North Knoxville today, whispering to each other. "If we only had brains, if we only had brains. Just think what we could do we if we only had brains."


Anonymous said...

Any personal attacks will not be published. Comments that are abusive, hateful, that defame or insult will not be published.

Umm, you might want to follow your own rules?

Brian Hornback said...

I have adhered to our site rules. You as, the tabloid bully girls have never adhered to any simple respectable standards, as a matter of fact you obviously have NO standards.

One reason that I have continue to challenge the lies that the two of you continue to spread is that a lie left unchallenged becomes the truth and I refuse to allow the two of you to get away with it. I see it and E.W. Scripps is seeing it everyday.

Thanks for reading and posting, in the future begin using your name as you post here or your comments will not be posted as they come from your IP address.