Saturday, September 29, 2007

For The Cubbies Fans, Mom, Dad, My Brother and Hubert Smith

All of my family. Mom, Dad and my brother (he is older) have all been Chicago Cubs fans. I discovered this song while looking for something for another avid Cubs fan, Hubert Smith of The Hubert Smith Radio Show.

I think this is an appropriate song for all Cubs fans. It takes a little more than 6 minutes, but you really need to hear Steve Goodman sing this song.

The message is still relevant. Even in spite of today's clinching of the division. BTW, (By The Way) back in the day, I liked Johnny Bench and the REDS. In addition, Strawberry Plains, TN native and former Knoxville City Council Member Ed Bailey.


Anonymous said...

I always thought something was wrong with you, now I know - you're a Cubs fan (and former Reds fan to boot)! (Just joking!) By the way, Hitlery C. is/was a Cubs fan before she moved to NY and became a Yankees fan...and she is a RED!

Signed, a loyal St. Louis Cardinal FANATIC

Brian Hornback said...

loyal St. Louis Cardinal FANATIC:

You got it wrong. I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER been a Cubs fan. My family is and was, I NEVER is or was. I was a REDS fan.

In football, they all like da Bears. I was a Cowboys fan growing up. However, you are right on something. I never liked the Cardinals (LOL)

Dave Oatney said...

I am a proud and die-hard OLD Cub fan!!!!

Brian Hornback said...

I knew that Oatney. Congrats. I will add you to the Hornback Cubbies fan list. I don't know why I have never been, since all of my family are.