Saturday, February 23, 2008

Amy Broyles..Networking The House

This from Metro Pulse.

Good Read

If our e-mail is any indication, the best-read document in Knoxville since the election is Amy Broyles’ campaign disclosure. According to the PDF document on, Broyles, in winning the 2nd District Democratic primary, spent $860 on child care and also bought a laptop, a Palm Pilot, and a Camcorder at Circuit City.

We assume the pizza and beer was for campaign events.

So now every teenage girl needs to start calling the Broyles residence to apply for the babysitting chores. If the campaign spent $860 for a short campaign like this one, think of all the potential between now and August 7, 2008.

A laptop and palm pilot? The campaign is certainly taking every opportunity to network the Broyles residence. Will this computer or palm pilot be used in anyway in the family business? Broyles may have difficulty in raising money for the general election because of her expenditure decisions in the primary.

To view the Broyles Campaign Finance Disclosure, view it here.


Logan said...

As much as the KNS published the spending habits of Lee Tramel, Scott Moore and others, I wonder why this was not brought to the attention of their readers. Granted I didn't raise a whole lot, but how is buying a laptop, palm pilot and camcorder being a good steward of the money given by her contributors?

Brian Hornback said...


It doesn't fit the agenda of Jack McElroy and David Keim to report the spending habits of their "annoited" candidates.

Logan said...

Well, being 29 and new to the scene, I guess this is just part of my learning process....

Anonymous said...

I know Amy and many of her supporters. They used these tools during their successful campaign and will use them again in the general campaign. As I understand it Amy uses the Time Warp Tea Room on Central as unofficial campaign HQ's and for campaign rallies. The Time Warp Tea Room is wireless enabled so it makes sense and it seems to be working, if the emperical data (AKA election results) are to be believed.


Brian Hornback said...

Steve thanks for the information. You have exposed another problem for Amy. If she is using a teh Time Wrap Tea Room for her campaign headquarters than that is a contribution to her campaign from teh Time Warp Tea Room. A contribution from a company is illegal. Thanks for exposing Amy to further exposure.