Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Michael English The Prodigal Comes Home CD

My friend Michael English released his newest studio project today. The CD is titled The Prodigal Comes Home. I wanted to actually go to a store and pick up a copy on the release day. So this evening, I walked into the Lifeway store in the Turkey Creek development in West Knoxville and there was the new music display and Michael was a part of the display.

He has come full circle. God is a redeeming God. All the music on the CD is Great. But the tracks Sanctuary, The Only Good Thing in Me and Feels Like Redemption are Exceptional.

The CD title mirrors Michael's biography written by Michael and published and released this past fall.

Man, what a journey since I met Michael back in 1982 at the old WNOX auditorium on Whittle Springs Road. He was singing with The Singing Americans.

I have never claimed to be a prophet or the son of a prophet. But, when the christian music radio stations pulled all Michael's music off the air after he returned all his Dove awards for his public fall. I remember telling my friend John Hanna. (who has since gone on to his heavenly reward) John was general manager of Love 89 and Joy 62 I told John that the christian music industry was imposing a standard that they couldn't live with by pulling all Michael's music because of his public fall.

Sure enough, they didn't pull any others that had public falls, rightly so. The problem is that Michael was the first to have a public fall. God is strong, God is Love and his love is Redeeming. Michael is stronger today for the journey. I am stronger for having witnessed and been supportive of Michael's journey.

Go out and buy a copy of Michael's new project to support a man that has come full circle. After all we (Christians) are not perfect, just forgiven. Sounds like an old Hemphill's song. It is so true, we are not perfect, just forgiven. I get emails and see postings from carnal citizens that post on other blog forums about me. They post mocking comments and send emails to me mocking me, my faith and my church. I just ask God to forgive them as they know not what they are saying.

Check out Michael's website here and his myspace page here.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see Michael is back! I'll get that CD when I have some money. The warehouse I worked in closed so I'm looking for work and pinching pennies until I find something new. I like and admire the way he's dwelt with all this. I've checked out his website and he's sharp.
I'm still smarting from the embarassment of confusing him with someone else (remember?). That was truly a certifiable, inexcusable moron moment for me. I owe him a CD purchase for that if nothing else.