Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Funny: Nicknames for Commissioners

It was suggested today on the voice (AM 1040 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon) that all County Commissioners needed a nickname. Several Commissioners have nicknames that have been given to them for many years, some earned them through campaigns. Here are the ones that we understand already exist.

Commissioner Greg Lambert = "Lumpy"
Commissioner Scott Moore = "Scooby"
Commissioner Thomas Strickland = "Tank"
Commissioner R. Larry Smith = "Rascal"
Commissioner Paul Pinkston = "Grumpy"
Commissioner Robert Rountree = "Milo"

Here are some suggestions for all the others, feel free to email or post in comments, other possibilities.

Commissioner Sam McKenzie = "Bionic" based on working in Oak Ridge.

Commissioner Mark Campen = "Jr." based on his youth.
Commissioner Mark Harmon = "Frumpy" As close to Lumpy as we could get. Here is a definition. "A person regarded as colorless and primly sedate."

Commissioner Tony Norman = "Dopey" primarily based on some of his comments.
Commissioner Ivan Harmon = "Bugsy" a reference to his connection to a pest control company.

Commissioner Elaine Davis = "Rapunzel" based on the fairy tale of the lady with all the hair.
Commissioner William Daniels = "Bucky" he just kind of looks like a Bucky, and will probably buck the system from time to time.

Commissioner Craig Leuthold = "Stiffy" based on his stiff demeanor at commission meetings and everywhere else he goes.
Commissioner Mike Hammond = "TOV - The Other Voice" A reference to his job as PA announcer and a slight reference to his talk radio competition.
Commissioner Dr. Richard Briggs = "doc" because of his life's work.

Commissioner Phil Ballard = "dr.phil" based on his radio commercial, where he said "No, like Dr. Phil.".
Commissioner Dave Wright = "Wiry" based on his career with the telephone company, Bell South/At&T.

Commissioner Victoria DeFreese - "Class Mom" A reference to her experience as a home school mom and her level of 'class'. This classroom will be tough one, but she is good for the job.

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Anonymous said...

Ruthie Kulhman = "twisted sister"