Friday, February 01, 2008

Continued Exposure of The Public Trust PAC's Behavior

Logan Brummitt, candidate for Knox County Commission Fourth District Seat B shared his Public Trust PAC experience with Brian's Blog. "I was called for an interview with the PAC on the last day of the interviewing process and I informed them due to a family commitment, I could not make that day. I requested them to extend me an interview on the following Monday. I had been speaking with David Moon's assistant and she said she would see if they would let me interview later. She informed me via email that they could not interview me because they wanted to finish their process on the Friday that they wanted me to come in (1/4) and their decision would be solely based off my questionnaire."

"Well, I took it upon myself to call the members of the PAC. I spoke with Tommy Schumpert for 20 minutes and he recommended that I call all of the members of the PAC as well. I then called Ben Atchley. He returned my message and we spoke briefly. He stated that he would read my questionnaire and call me back. He never did. I left two messages with David Moon at his office. I got Sam Furrows cell number and left him messages there. I also left messages with Sherri Lee and Suzanne Shriver. None of which called me back. On top of all of this, part of the questionnaire was to leave 3 references for them to contact. Not one of my references, Bill Wallace (my current boss), Rod Delmonico (Former UT baseball coach) and Janet Testerman (Friend and former boss) received one phone call."

Logan said that he "wanted to share this..because Tommy Schumpert expressed how the PAC thoroughly did their due-diligence through all of this and yet, I didn't even get a phone call back from some of the members."

Candidate Lee Tramel for the same seat that Logan is running for confirmed with Brian's Blog that his references were not contacted by The Public Trust PAC. By the way, the PAC endorsed the Brummitt, Tramel and Smelcher opponent Ed Shouse.

School Board candidate Laurie Alford confirmed that her references were not contacted. In addition, during Mrs. Alford's interview the panel informed her that it would take 5 committee members to vote for her in order for her to obtain an endorsement. The problem is that only 4 members sat in on her interview. By the way teh PAC endorsed Alford's opponent Karen Carson.

According to sources close to Brian's Blog, Tommy Schumpert is saying the PAC could have done a better job. If you will recall, Schumpert said that the future of The Public Trust PAC would be judged on its performance.

Well, if you are for the old backroom basement, cutting deals for a committment for Metro Consolidated Government. Then Schumpert, Atchley and their rag tag army are just for you.

The Public Trust PAC, not very public and not trustworthy.

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Anonymous said...

You write a good point on not checking credentials, but lets get real. Brian, reality is this. On 09-11-2001 Bernard Kerik a criminal now with ties to the mafia was the head Commishioner of the NYPD. So many times background checks aren't truly fully vetted. Logan is a great guy a good political friend who took me under his wing recently at the young Republican club. Being from NYC just under 2 months he introduced me to others and has helped me with numerous questions about KNox Politics. This is what the Young Republican club is all about. Having young guns helping young guns rise to the top, become stronger better more informed Republicans. Remember this is the YRC that didnt exist till Brian took over as leader of County!!!!The same YRC of Knoxville that under your Leadership as party chair you ressurrected. We need young leaders like Logan to be fairly looked at with fair balance.
Logan has demonstrated to me and in my eyes the traits of a true leader. I cannot speak of his competition because I do not know them as well as Logan. But I can say this. For Logan not to get a fair shake at this PAC is a shame. As Malcolm X has stated and I tonight reiterate..."an injustice to one, is an injustice to all"

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